New Miley Cyrus Music Video: "Who Owns My Heart"

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As "Miley Cyrus" said on Saturday Night Live last week, she's totally, like, a mature movie star now.

Along those lines, the real Miley has taken another step in the adult direction with her music video for "Who Owns My Heart." In it, the artist sings on a bed; in the backseat of a limo; and while wearing only a tanktop and underwear in the bathroom.

Considering how little time she spent getting dressed, you'd think Cyrus could have focused a bit more on lyrics that include such a profound hook as Who owns my heart? Is it love, or is it art? A moving question to ponder as you watch Miley writhe around below...

What do you think of the video?


I love love love Miley, and guess what people, what you just saw is art and she is an artist Its great to see Miley grow up as a person and as an artist as well..I have an 8 year old daughter and she loves Hannah Montana, It annoys me when parents pick on miley for growing up and doing more grown up stuff now...cause guess what you are raising your kids not Miley...Shes busy being 18...I say to Miley do your thing girl..Just please dont turn into poor Lindsey Lohan I truly feel for that poor girl...she must be really unhappy....But to miley keep your head up girly you are truly talented keep up the good work!!!!


she has to act like a slut cuz she can't dance....


Oh that old thing, l gave up that career a long tym ago, it just wasnt worth it and besides people never liked my stories and Miley thought they were pretty stupid so yeah...


Thanks for that site but l mean the one were you are a story teller


I honestly want to thank THG,Demi,Sarah,jjk and all the other awesome people that appreciate humor and take the time to post on this website.I haven't been posting lately cause i've been busy preparing for my winter handbag collection,but once i get them hamsters into their pet carrier handbags and down the runway at the New York Fashion Show, i'll be back here defending the supergirl and helping rid the world of yall,Hollywood Out


No problem Demi (, l always entertain little girls who love looking at my precious work. While you are at it don't forget to keep on supporting the Super girl!!Later;Hollywood---out...


Ohh and Hollywood please post your site again, l would like to visit it.


Yeah, no offense to Hollywood the 1st but the handbag deal is out of this world!! Its just about the funniest thing lve seen on this site. Please keep up the creativity!!!


Actually the handbag stuff is quite funny... it got me cracking up!!!
No Offense The Real Hollywood... where HAVE you been??? just asking


FAKE @hollywood,hacker,below: Try all you want---you will Never be able to write like me. Your obsession with your 'handbags' will forever get in your way...You really should let that go---it's going to become all you can think of before long. Then your dementia will really eat-you-up. You'll just wander around day-after-day chanting; "Handbag's! Handbag's!! Handbag's!!! Gotta-have-my-handbag's!!"...See? Your future doesn't look too bright---does it? But then---neither do You...So---good-luck with that 'wanna-be'...Later;Hollywood---out...


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