New Ke$ha Video: What Do You Think?

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When I'm bored, I try to come up with new ways to make fun of Miley Cyrus.

Conversely, when Ke$ha and her friends are bored, they create new versions of hit music videos. That's what the singer says went down this week, as she Tweeted:

me n my friends were bored and we were really channeling some 80s hard (tron, david bowie in labrynth, revenge of the nerds) and we made this new video for take it off. it was really fun to make. i hope you guys like it!!!!!

Listen to the song HERE, watch the new video and then vote in our poll:

What do you think?


Awesome job, Kesha!!Loving the crazy glow in the dark paint, human-cat hybrids and evil drag queens!Definitely working the blue lipstick, too. :)


What's with the Miley crack? Ke$ha is OK, but Miley is great and will be around when most of the others will be forgotten.


im not a hater of miley cyrus but i would shes horrible


u must be extremely bored if u love to make fun of miley cyrus all the time


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