Nanny Peaces Out on "Control Freak" Kate Gosselin

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Ariel Cantara suffered the misfortune of working as a nanny under the regime of Kate Gosselin. Past tense. Girl up and quit! Why? Because Kate's a control freak.

"Kate is not the easiest person to deal with," an insider tells Life & Style. "She drove Ariel insane. Kate's controlling and a neat freak. No wonder Ariel quit."

Ariel isn't the first nanny to give Kate the kiss-off, either. At this rate, Kate may soon have to - gasp! - actually be a parent and available to her offspring.

Wicked Witch of PA

THE WICKED WITCH OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA: Crazy Kate Gosselin drives the nannies away like ... well, like she did her husband. No one can hang.

"She has gone through 11 nannies and tons of helpers in the past few years," a source says. "Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no schedule with days off."

"You just work. You do what Kate says she needs you to do."

Jon Gosselin's arrangement with her was similar at least.

The upside of Ariel bailing? Saving money. The downside? No one to watch the kids during Kate's marathon salon appointments and attempts to be famous.

"Kate is just not available," says the insider. "She never plays with them and is constantly busy with her affairs. That's why she always needs a nanny!"

Poor Mady, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.


I agree with what Rivergirl says.The kids have been through so much change the past year or more,now, nannies leaving.Kate,I know its a big job,but,u need tospend less time on u,and more time really being present with the kids.We see too much of u at tanning.nails and salons and so much fashion,where is the old Kate.Its so proper to have u time,but u decided to have those kids,now u need to do a better job,not saying u are a bad mom,but u show youreself like a drill nut.


@TOOTS: LMAO! Were you a nanny at Angelina's house? What a pile of garbage. Kate could never be submarine captain. All Kate would do is scream at any living organism she saw! She couldn't even walk in the airport unless Jon was leading (remember the crap she gave him over that) LOL!


I have more fun reading all these comments than I ever do the articles!!


What nonsense! This nanny got paid how much by the magazine? Claims this nanny job was too hard? Let's see. the 8 kids were in school, a cook made the meals, a cleaning lady did the dirty jobs and the laundry. Occasional twenty four hour duty? So sometimes this nanny was sleeping in the house while the kids were sleeping? Doesn't every live in nanny do that? When its difficult to find anything real to write about a celebrety, people tend to make up stuff. Guess the nanny got paid enough for spinning gossip that she doesn't need to actually work at all anymore!


Kate has enough money now to live comfortably or start a company that does not involve her kids. she can use her management and control freak skills in a more positive and constructive way and spend time with her kids as real children and not as pawns. Kate does have alot of good qualities, but the fame thing has got to be calmed down.


Ditto what Kathy said. O.k. - maybe it wasn't the easiest job in the world but it was a J-O-B! That's why they pay you. I think the Nanny is upset she didn't get any camera time and didn't get her 15 minutes of fame.


I agree with most of the previous comments. She is a sad caracter, evil mother seeking fame and money for herself and all of the costmetic surgeries, clothes etc. What kind of a mother is she wasting 5 hours on hair extensions, how can a mother of 8 do that. She is using her kids for fame and should be stop. GO AWAY KATE you are not a role model of a mother for anyone.


The whole Gosslin story is very sad. Yes, it was obvious in the beginning, that Kate ran a tight ship. But, that was needed with the sudden expansion in the family. We all grew attached to those darling kids; but knew there was trouble brewing in the marriage. It takes two to make or break a marriage & both made major mistakes, all in the public eye, which they choose.
I've tried to be very supportive of Kate, but it's difficult now to defend her. There's nothing wrong with her personal transition, (with/without surgery). What's hard to handle now is the whole fashionista image. These days, when she is filming public outings, she weacut tight, low cut tops & 5 inch heels! The kids have become accessories. Very sad. God bless them all; but Kate you need to take a step back & use some old fashioned mothering skills to keep that family thriving. As for Jon - Who cares? Very sad. . .


I just wish the media and public would just leave her alone, then maybe she would disappear off the face of the earth. She has no talent, she is not pretty even with all tghe plastic surgery she had. She is NOT a good mother, and she thinks YOU the PUBLIC owe her everything she wants and what her children want. I never watched her show, never liked her (live near by her), and never gave her any money except through taxes so she could have her multi children nurses. Everyone thought they were so cute, she was so loving! What a croc!
Just let her disappear into nothingness and get a job like everyone else. People have multi children all the time and don't ask me to support them.


Nothing surprises me with Kate, I used to love to watch their show at the beginning, she was a hands on mother who really seemed to care, yes she was controlling, but I thought she had to be with that big of a family. But, now she is only out for fame, seeing her on people magazine in her bikini, (yes she looks great) I did not understand why she had to do such a thing. Instead of focusing on getting on magazine covers, maybe start focusing on her children, they are the ones who made her famous to begin with.


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