Nanny Peaces Out on "Control Freak" Kate Gosselin

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Ariel Cantara suffered the misfortune of working as a nanny under the regime of Kate Gosselin. Past tense. Girl up and quit! Why? Because Kate's a control freak.

"Kate is not the easiest person to deal with," an insider tells Life & Style. "She drove Ariel insane. Kate's controlling and a neat freak. No wonder Ariel quit."

Ariel isn't the first nanny to give Kate the kiss-off, either. At this rate, Kate may soon have to - gasp! - actually be a parent and available to her offspring.

Wicked Witch of PA

THE WICKED WITCH OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA: Crazy Kate Gosselin drives the nannies away like ... well, like she did her husband. No one can hang.

"She has gone through 11 nannies and tons of helpers in the past few years," a source says. "Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no schedule with days off."

"You just work. You do what Kate says she needs you to do."

Jon Gosselin's arrangement with her was similar at least.

The upside of Ariel bailing? Saving money. The downside? No one to watch the kids during Kate's marathon salon appointments and attempts to be famous.

"Kate is just not available," says the insider. "She never plays with them and is constantly busy with her affairs. That's why she always needs a nanny!"

Poor Mady, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.


Oh and get a REAL J.O.B.!


Kate knew and wanted more kids, you got what you asked for now deal with it BITCH!!


i agree...big mistake to buy such a big home to upkeep....i wish you would stop bashing kate all the time....well, you can bash the fact that she wears high heels on her shows while on vacation which is absolutely ridiculous... :) and chuckle worthy....try sneakers, kate...and cover up the're on a rated g show...geez....just be a mom...after all that is what got you the money that you have.
i wish her luck...


My heart truly goes out to the kids!!!!!!!!!


Kate why did you take fertility drugs.......??????
Suffer now.......


Kate you made a big mistake by taking fertily drugs.Now that you have become a mom it is you RESPONSABILITY to be with your kids 24/7.....not the nanny.


Does this really surprise anyone???????Kate loves the publicity more than she loves, those adorable children. I never liked her, from day one.These beautiful kids, were only money makers for her and that "rat" ex-husband of her. She's not a nurse anymore, but can afford that big beautiful house she lives in and all those expensive trips, they go on. She's a "Pig"...wonder if she's friends with "octo Mom"?


@nofanofkate: DITTO!!!!!!!


I'm just waiting for the story to break that all the kids are in therapy. If they aren't now they will be before they hit their teen years. Kate needs to shut off all this celebrity bs and just be a mom to her kids. Do we doubt she loves them? Of course not but she needs to be there and be a 'hands on' mom not let Nannies do the child rearing.


I'm so sick of hearing about this loser! she's a terrible mother, wife, friend, boss, sister, aunt etc...she's as fake as fake can be. Not all the plastic surgery in the world can make her into anyone that wants to be associated with her. she's mean to everyone, including her kids. Jon should have fought for custody of these kids, then at least they might have had a chance to become stable adults someday. I see drug addicts, bums, un-wed mothers all their futures. Sad, very sad. But enough already. Media whores like Fakekate can't be a media whore without the media! So media people, please leave this witch alone, no one wants to know what she's doing EVER! Give us a break and find something interesting for us to read.


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