Nanny Peaces Out on "Control Freak" Kate Gosselin

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Ariel Cantara suffered the misfortune of working as a nanny under the regime of Kate Gosselin. Past tense. Girl up and quit! Why? Because Kate's a control freak.

"Kate is not the easiest person to deal with," an insider tells Life & Style. "She drove Ariel insane. Kate's controlling and a neat freak. No wonder Ariel quit."

Ariel isn't the first nanny to give Kate the kiss-off, either. At this rate, Kate may soon have to - gasp! - actually be a parent and available to her offspring.

Wicked Witch of PA

THE WICKED WITCH OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA: Crazy Kate Gosselin drives the nannies away like ... well, like she did her husband. No one can hang.

"She has gone through 11 nannies and tons of helpers in the past few years," a source says. "Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no schedule with days off."

"You just work. You do what Kate says she needs you to do."

Jon Gosselin's arrangement with her was similar at least.

The upside of Ariel bailing? Saving money. The downside? No one to watch the kids during Kate's marathon salon appointments and attempts to be famous.

"Kate is just not available," says the insider. "She never plays with them and is constantly busy with her affairs. That's why she always needs a nanny!"

Poor Mady, Cara, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.


i be happies 2 be kate g new nannies i don,t care about the money im very submissive& very obedient


I have to say this your downing kate but look at what ur comment was saying drown your kids and yourself while your at it? Damn your no better than her to be honest your worse yu probably need to get mental help that was not cute...nore did it show any type of intelegence and you need not judge anyone cause it seems you have your own problems


Even if Kate wouldn't work in public, being single mom with so many kids would need a nanny night and day! Sure she is a "bitch" when you have nanny who thinks she is going to "watch" the kids. Well watch them on TV, while with them: work with kids! What their life would be if Kate wasn't what she is? Huge mess!


They need to get Kate in on the Hoarders show. She'd put a stop to that right quick. And if someone threatened the hoarders with her return if they go back to their hoarding ways, few would, I do believe. So cased closed. How 'bout ya'all??? God bless. RB


I heard that 4 of the former nannies are in the witness protection program now. Coincidence?????????????????????? Probably not.


I heard they fired her because Kate found out that she was part of an international dance team convicted of smuggling in stolen artifacts stuffed with drugs and guns. They got caught in the airport after a drug dog defecated in the terminal and she slipped on it sending the stolen russian artifacts stuffed with crack and heroin spilling out all over the floor. Then they found 11 guns strapped to her body. Allegedly she's wanted in the UK in connection with a hostage situation and in France for insider trading, but I think Kate was just jealous of her great ass that she got from all that dancing and carrying around the weight of 11 guns all the time.


She should just drown her kids and herself while she's at it.


The author of this article (Free Britney) is a total moron! Get a real job and write credible stories. LOSER!!!!!!!!!


Ariel was convicted of shoplifting/theft in 2009. That's why she was fired. Learn the facts, idiots!


Darlene, You hit the nail right on the head. You know she knew what she was doing to have multiples. She tricked Jon when she had over stimulated ovaries. She is a despicable piece of horseshit, as that is all that comes out of that lying mouth of hers. She thinks she's a star, with all the money she spends on herself, sorry ass child exploiter. I hope she rots..


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