Miley Cyrus Takes on Paparazzi, Breast Cancer

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It's painful, but true: we must give props to Miley Cyrus for both the videos posted below.

First, the singer clearly learned from this incident and handled a confrontation with a photographer in a mature, reasonable manner over the weekend. She pulled her car over; calmly explained to a paparazzi member that he was driving recklessly and the police were on their way; and then returned to her vehicle.

Watch and see what we mean:

Meanwhile, in the following PSA, Miley takes on an even more important cause than putting this loser in his place. She tells fans how they can help her and other celebrities in the fight against breast cancer.

It's worth a minute of your time to find out how.

[video url="" title="Miley vs. Breast Cancer"] [/video]


Yes, they were indeed stalking her, and deserved to have that police call made. Very mature, Miley.


poor u, u have brest cancer


Miley Cyrus is the most talanted person in the world:-)


Im so glad to see her starting to take things like breast cancer and making others aware, yes she may have some trashy music videos, but she is becoming this very mature young woman and Im so glad to see her like this. The way she handled the paparazzi was very mature and it showed that theres more the Miley then alot of people are saying...and the breast cancer thing was just awsome. Im glad shes using her "fame" for good use =D

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she's only 17 and she's already doing sooo much for the world. her charity work has made a difference, and i don't see why ppl say she's selfish and all. the paparazzi should keep their noses out of her personal life and stop being so self-centered. why should she give every tiny detail of HER life. +, fighting for breast cancer? well that's just another thing to add to the helpful/good list. you rock miley, keep it up.




just so u know she doesn't give the paps the info. they find out themself...i bet sometimes they know where shes going even b4 she knows where shes goin


Okay, "HH Lover", you're right: she didn't give anyone ANY of her info--why the hell should she? Is it anyone's business (except maybe her parents or boyfriend) if she goes ANYWHERE? Why the hell should she tell a paparazzi? He's disgusting for taking pictures of her (HARASSING HER) just to pay for his rent or a new phone or whatever. And who says she doesn't care about public safety? she stopped driving to prevent him from continuing to drive recklessly and then told him exactly how she felt. And why did you focus on the "negative" that wasn't even there? Why didn't you comment on what she doing for breast cancer?
There, your argument is now invalid. =]]


It's her fault. If she gave the paparazzi a detailed itinerary (the who, what, where,and why) of her activities, the paparazzi would not have to engage in dangerous driving practices keeping up with her. It just illustrates her lack of concern for public safety and the plight of the honest working man.


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