Miley Cyrus, Mother Raise Cancer Awareness

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It pains us when we can't mock Miley Cyrus.

Fortunately, the singer gave us (and the Parents' Television Council) plenty to go on about in her new music video.

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But mother Tish Cyrus recently spoke to USA Today about how she and her daughter got involved with City of Hope's "All In Week" last week to raise cancer awareness among mothers and young women. We can only give them props for that action.

"It's scary when you have girls, and you hear how many women of all ages, including the young, are affected by cancer every year," said Tish, who lost her father and grandmother to the disease.

Elsewhere in the article, Miley's mom talked about her and her family's involvement in this important cause. Excerpts from the interview follow:

On City of Hope: Children's cancer was something that Miley was really passionate about. It's so devastating to see how many people are affected by cancer every year. One of the first things Miley did with City of Hope was to team up with Disney on The Concert for Hope at the Gibson Amphitheatre with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. For each ticket sold, $1 was given to City of Hope. I believe she raised over $1 million.

On settling an example: Miley has always believed that if we all do something small, you can make a huge difference. When visiting a children's hospital at home in Tennessee or being involved with City of Hope, it's about getting out to spread that message. Also, teens can make a difference by setting an example for young kids. That's been the case with our youngest, Noah, who's 10. She looks up to Brandi and Miley and the work they do. She's planning to go to Haiti for a mission trip.

On who inspires Miley: Her dad. In the early '90s when he was touring, we'd do 290 shows in 350 days, and I never remember one when he didn't spend time with special-needs kids, meeting them after the show. He'd also give all the gifts he'd been given at each show to local children's hospitals, even if he had to drop them off at midnight. Miley was just a little girl then, but those things she remembers.


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wth THG!!! i like u for every reason except mocking miley. i just cant understand y u all cant leave her alone!! did she did something bad to u all or make yr reputation go down?? shes just awesome the way she is no matter in hannah montana or the real miley it doesnt matter. she is what she is n its her life, she get to do what she wants to do


l think miley is a wonderful girl,she does so much,for charities.So it really upsets me,when these sites seem to find it entertaining to make fun of her.l'm a huge fan of miley's,& unlike you kat,l accept miley just the way she is,l don't ask her to make me proud,the truth is,l've always been proud of her,& what she has done,with her life.To me,miley is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.She is total perfection,there is nothing,l would try & change about her.l love her,just the way she is.l only have one wish,& that is to be privelaged enough to meet her,one day.But l know this will never happen,but l guess l can dream.So l'll just love & support her,from my laptop.Ur wonderful miles.Peace & godbless:)XX
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wow way too only commet when Miley dies simething "contreversial" Good Job Miles you're a great inspiration. Just watched your Best of Both worlds concert again last night, and it replentished my faith in you. DOn't go overboard though, you don't need to dress scanty to attract attention, and you look beautiful in anything you wear, I not sayijng you hasve to dress up as a prude, or a 14 year old. You can dress your age, but just remember to keep values and limits. Also are you still best friends w Mandy? Because i MISS YOU GUYS.. iF YOU EVER MEET UP AGAIN WILL YOU MAKE ANOTHER YOUTUBE VIDEO OR IS THE m&m SHOW CANCELLED? Just let us fans know so we don't just keep hoping. Luv you for life Milez, Please keep me proud of you Kat (age 16)


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