Miley Cyrus Makes Like an Indian Cowgirl

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Prepare to defend your girl, Miley Cyrus fans. THG is back on the attack!

We gave this young star reluctant props last week for maturely handling a situation with an aggressive member of the paparazzi, and for speaking out in favor of breast cancer research.

But now we must castigate the actress once more for dressing up like an idiot. Miley isn't showing too much skin in the photos below, but she is somehow combining the looks of an Indian and a cowgirl. Those boots and that piece of forehead jewelry? Someone call the fashion police. Someone deserves a major citation...

Indian Cowgirl Outfit
Weird Miley Fashion

What do you think of this outfit?

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i thinks its photo shopped? i saw other pics of her in exactly the same outfit with no indian dot. but i dunno?!?!


Omg the girl now can't a) be unique. b) slouch from time to time. c)show a little skin. Sure its not her best, but its what she's comfy in. She is herself, not fake. And Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez! Please, they cnt carry a tune in a bucket, let alone their posture. And FYI her thighs are devine, she's showing people its ok if u dnt look like an anarexic stick. And Hilton Hater, get a life. Miley is more loved then u, so don't think ur the best little angel ever.


For someone who works out a lot she sure has big thighs!!!


Exactly @Misty., Miley has horrible posture she looks like there is something wrong with her shoulders or like she has a heavy burden on her, it makes her look less lady-like she needs to learn how to stand up straight and pose like a lady.... she could learn a lot from Selena or Taylor Swift those 2 carry themselves very well for tweens!!


she has horrible posture


@HiltonHater: Yeah, i see. But, thats not fair to her.. Not fair to anyone!
Shes only human! She got feelings too. Think about it!
Well, maybe Miles doesnt get upset or mad about what you think of her clothes, i wouldnt either.. But, i know that its NOT nice to do to someone you dont know.
Wouldnt you get just a lil upset if someone said some negative about you? Deny it, but everyone gets upset about something. That doesnt mean that you may get upset about the same thing as me, or Miley, or anyone else .. I bet theres something that can bring you down. Thats life! WE LOVE YOU FOREVER MiLEY ♥


HH is just a jealous hag...nothing new...she CAN be one all day...taht is her choice. Good job, HH...can't teach a really old and ugly dog new tricks, or your CAN; but, sometimes they are just plain stupid...


@Miles fanforlife;D: I think you're mistaken. I CAN attack someone for the clothes they wear. Didn't you read the post?


I LOVE this!
Im not saying this cause im her biggest fan, but im saying it, cause it looks so creative, and cute! ♥
You cant attack someone, cause of the clothes you wear? You seriously need to get a life HiltonHater, instead of sitting on your computer all day, trying to find dirt on her!!
You can call the outfit weird, but atleast its NOT boring! .. Way to go Miles, we love youuuu ♥ & we will always support you.
God Bless you, beautiful . xx


I like this outfit!