Miley Cyrus Makes Like an Indian Cowgirl

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Prepare to defend your girl, Miley Cyrus fans. THG is back on the attack!

We gave this young star reluctant props last week for maturely handling a situation with an aggressive member of the paparazzi, and for speaking out in favor of breast cancer research.

But now we must castigate the actress once more for dressing up like an idiot. Miley isn't showing too much skin in the photos below, but she is somehow combining the looks of an Indian and a cowgirl. Those boots and that piece of forehead jewelry? Someone call the fashion police. Someone deserves a major citation...

  • Indian Cowgirl Outfit
  • Weird Miley Fashion

What do you think of this outfit?


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@Robbie, HH is way smarter than you are.... each comment you post gets him a couple of cents, and when he posts something bad about Miley or attacks her he is guaranteed that a lot of her fans will respond defending her and arguing that she is blah blah blah... so in the end he gains especially with people like Hollywood, Dee and blaize(where is blaize???) who often comment at least 5 times on each article, so l doubt if he loses a lot of viewers...
@Kimi... I also think Selena and Taylor carry themselves very well and if you check properly you will see that Miley does slouch... noone is perfect and yes Miley does a lot of other things better than those 2 but the truth is her posture is very unladylike... but well maybe she isnt aiming for "ladylike"


THG: Why should I defend Miley for wearing what she wants to wear and feels comfortable in? This outfit seems to fall in-line with her "I can't be tamed!" Attitude and declaration. I still think she looks absolutely adorable,out-doorsy,and beautiful---all at the same time. Don't see anything wrong with that...
Really don't see much to debate about. She likes it,she wears it,soooo---that's all there is to-it...
I'd much rather defend the Supergirl on something far more important...I'll stay tuned to see what you're going to throw at her next.
In-fact,in THIS matter,I happen to think that @Kimi said about all there is to say. (GREAT job on that post by the way,Kimi. Keep'em coming!)
Later all;Hollywood---out...

Avatar nowa kolekcja na Zime ! super polecam ! the best:* favourite !! passion ! fantastic : )


i think it's great that she has her own style, so sick of everyone bashing miley just cuz she doesn't conform, and does her own thing. every other actress is so generic and bases their outfits on what they think is "in," but miley isn't afraid to wear what she wants and be different. i love her


@miles fanforlife;D...HiltonHater can express an opinion, even though it's utterly ridiculous, deceptive and baseless. HiltonHater can attack anyone and anything, after all, it's HiltonHater's natural rut.


yup she needs to stand up striaght, But yy do u pple care about what she where, There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts with a T-shirt or a tank top. Even normal pple who are not celebz where it, and no says anything to that, well ou pple are just saying that because you think she needs to be hannah montana until she is 40, IM not a fan of miley, i really hate her, But im just saying that, Short? wtf, nothing is wrong with it.


Until she gets her shoulders out of her ears nothing will look good on her. She has rounded shoulders and hunches them up. But, considering she's not a pretty girl, she may make the best of what she is.


She looks great! It reminds of of how the young women looked back when I was 17 in the early 70s. And, Hollywood Gossip, it's high time we stopped being so isolationist and let the kids pick and chose styles from around the world, including from India. Ms. Cyrus comes from a part of the country where cowgirl boots are commonly worn and there's nothing wrong with a kid featuring fashion from her own heritage and from other parts of the world as well. I give her an A+ on creative fashion sense and putting silly bigotry aside. I would adise that Hollywood Gossip do the same.


Why can't she stand up straight? She is always slouched over with rounded shoulders. Not a good look!


She looks like the village idiot. Special indeed.

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