Miley Cyrus Hits Da Club, Behaves Well, Dresses Scantily

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Miley Cyrus became a Voyeur on Thursday night, hitting up a Hollywood club by that name and getting down on the dance floor.

"She was constantly smiling and seemed to be in great spirits," a witness told Us Weekly, saying the 17-year old "waved her hands in the air and danced seductively while shaking her hips" to singles by David Guetta and DJ Khaled.

  • Going to the Club
  • Ready for Da Club

Miley Cyrus is in need of a cheeseburger or two dozen. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Hanging at a 21-plus establishment, Miley was on her best behavior, this onlooker added:

"It was clear she knew she was being watched by others. No alcohol was in her presence the entire night."

That is good to hear. It means Cyrus won't need to release any more videos that clear up some rumor about her at the club.

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miley honey u r lookin AN UGLY MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!


she looks like a slut, if you dress like a slut you are usually a slut. she isn,t even that pretty, too bad she she doesn,t talk to someone befoe she goes out, i guess her parents don,t have much to say about what she wears or they don,t care , either way she looks slutly, streetwalker.


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omg she looks like a slut why did she dress like dat she just turned 17 but she going way to fast i can understand dat she growing up but she not thinking of her fans and that outfit is so ugly


THE OUTFIT IS STR8 UP UGLY, but she is not dressed inappropriatly n maybe she dont need 2 drink was the "watchdog" counting her visits 2 the bathroom. i garuntee she gets high. all hollywood kids do. 2 much money, 2 many "friends"


shes to young to be dressing like that shes a role molde for all of the little kids out there. they will probly dress like she does. Be sides that shes good