Miley Cyrus Hits Da Club, Behaves Well, Dresses Scantily

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Miley Cyrus became a Voyeur on Thursday night, hitting up a Hollywood club by that name and getting down on the dance floor.

"She was constantly smiling and seemed to be in great spirits," a witness told Us Weekly, saying the 17-year old "waved her hands in the air and danced seductively while shaking her hips" to singles by David Guetta and DJ Khaled.

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Miley Cyrus is in need of a cheeseburger or two dozen. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Hanging at a 21-plus establishment, Miley was on her best behavior, this onlooker added:

"It was clear she knew she was being watched by others. No alcohol was in her presence the entire night."

That is good to hear. It means Cyrus won't need to release any more videos that clear up some rumor about her at the club.

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man miley es me hero me amor i love her shes the best love you babe txt me plzzzzzzzzzz at 1818 714 5024


The article states that she was "Hanging at a 21-plus establishment", as if there was no reason for her to be there. Definitely not true. She attended a private birthday party in a reserved area of the club. She stayed for about one and a half hours. She was not hanging out or clubbing as various gossip sites have posted. It was a birthday party. The +21 policy is the owners policy, not a law. It is normally set aside for private parties. Outside of the late hour, nothing controversial happened. It's a shame that the gossip sites want to make a issue of a non issue.


There are haters out there but others who care and we watched Lohan and people said leave her alone. look what that got her. I know not the same person. But we love Miley and do not want to see her hurt. We watched her grow up and she still has a way to go. I where is Dad.


Eww. She looks like an underdeveloped 12 year old.


she looks hot


so what yeah she should dress a little better but shes living her teenage life let her be ..... and shes not a little girl anymore ... shes 17 ...and she is Miley..not HANNAH


I've seen Miley showing a lot more than that, but still she is so sexy and beautiful. I want hot Miley! Wish there was some video of her dancing.


she really needs to take alittle more pride in her appearance..her parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting her go to a club for 1 and 2 for letting her dress like that..she has peobably lost alot of her fans for the simple reason she is going the skank route...she'll be the next Lindsay or Brittney..crash and burn..I think her parents don't care because they are living off of her money..they will all probably regret some of the moves they've made..sad...


OH MY-MY..Ley -Someone is trying to grow up alittle too fast. Ya' all got plenty of time to do that-don't rush it.
I know if I was 17 and could get into a club w/o parents knowin' I woulda' done it....Where's the parental units????


she is a slut she has justin bieber and that laim dude = SLUT,HORE,HOT MESS,LESBINE