Miley Cyrus Hits Da Club, Behaves Well, Dresses Scantily

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Miley Cyrus became a Voyeur on Thursday night, hitting up a Hollywood club by that name and getting down on the dance floor.


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    needs to eat a cheeseburger.


    That's not scantily dressed. See that every day of the week in the


    Apparently Hollywood is annoying some people so they hack into his account to annoy him.... or maybe they are just trying to be funny ( imagine a grown man saying Plead,perty please!!) l believe the hacker wanted to write pretty.
    Well he is not really selling handbags...


    Why are people selling handbags on this website?Is this some
    kind of Christmas Sale ?


    well ya kno wat i have one thing 2say well mayb 2 not sure yet lol..

    anyway.. i am cinfused ppl say one thing & they say another!!!!! wat was she doin at the 21+ club!!!!!!! was it a birthday party or her jus bein a hoe/teen and dancing at the club????????????

    if i was 2go clubbing at a 21+ club i would prob go wit some of my girlfriends and not by myself!!!! that could b one of the reasons why ppl b thinkin she was jus bein a hoe!!!!!! or something like that?????


    oh my god really ??? Dont you people have better things to do then be so dang negative...AND DISGUSTING some of you should be ashamed really!!!


    Seriously, I think it is ok that she wears like that. I mean, its a club! Get a life! A club is where you have fun. Being sexy is normal. I mean those normal people who is 17 out there is doing the same, why don't you wanna do a article about them? I don't believe that there is someone out there watching her so no alchohol came in her sight. No one was watching and she don't need one because she knows whats right and wrong!!


    Hackers---so useful to so many in other places...So completely Useless here...
    Yes,the dip-wads using my name below are hackers or---they're just the bored staff at THG,with nothing better to do...Either way---it's still just lies...
    Later all; Hollywood---out


    i love Miley always will she is so awesome!! Miley your my Hero!! :)


    Please buy one of my handbags so I can go buy the Hanah Montana Concert DVD. Plead,perty please.

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