Miley Cyrus as a Blonde: Hot or Not?

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Miley Cyrus has gone back to blonde.

The singer/actress has never been afraid to mix up her hair color, having gone from dark to light to red and back through all three again over the years. Spotted with friends at dinner last night, though, Miley has clearly lightened her locks more than usual.

Do you like this look on her?

Cute as a Blonde?
Blonde Again


@dtmason......There has never been a live-in boy friend. With the paparazzi coverage that she endures, there has never been any video or photographs depicting a live-in situation. The media has never proven it and Cyrus has rebuffed it. It's pitiful that the evil peddlers keep trying to spread that rumor. Also, there is nothing socially unacceptable in dating older men. Liam is two years plus ten months older and Justin was four years plus three months. It's interesting that you apparently believe that a person can only find happiness with someone closer to their age, or an age that you believe is appropriate. Age does not dictate happiness or success in a relationship.


If she keeps dying her hair it's gonna be completely ruined by the time she's like 30. btw blonde = BAD red = GOOD :)


Grew up way to fast, dating oolder men, then her family allowing her to live with them in their home oh I gorgot her home, what will the younger sister be allowed to do. She has two live ins under her belt and not even out of her teens.


@HiltonHater.....An interesting poll. You asked the question "Do you like Miley Cyrus as a blonde?". If a reader of the article likes the person but is not fond of the hair color, by default a vote of No also records that the reader finds the person annoying. The choices presented by your poll are warped. Warping the choices allows you to declare a false percentage as to the number of people who find her annoying. But then, that was probably your intent. Guess it is one way to mislead your readers and promote your dislike of this person. Is it beyond you, to conduct a straight forward poll on her hair color or are just mired in negativity?


She is seriously looking wrong, l mean she looks washed out and tired all the time, this kid is working way too hard, l actually feel very sorry for her, its making her look trashy, she is just a kid after all!!


Shes just TOO cute :'3
i love her new hair (: very nicee . xx WE LOVE YOU MiLEEEEY !

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