Miley Cyrus as a Blonde: Hot or Not?

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Miley Cyrus has gone back to blonde.

The singer/actress has never been afraid to mix up her hair color, having gone from dark to light to red and back through all three again over the years. Spotted with friends at dinner last night, though, Miley has clearly lightened her locks more than usual.

Do you like this look on her?

Cute as a Blonde?
Blonde Again


she looks like lauren conrad!!


i love you very mach.


EXCELLENT! I don't think it would look as good if she tried to go Totally blond,but,with just the highlight's---She's a blond-haired,extremely hot, supergirl...
Personally, though,I've seen several different color's on her and find the glossy-black and her natural color's to be my absolute favorite's,yet:
No matter what color her hair becomes---Miley is one of the foremost awesomely beautiful young women on this entire planet...
Enough said...
Later all;Hollywood---out...


Just two words for you. HANNA MONTANA....


i luv miley's hair. no matter the color, she's the same great person. but, i think her hair looked best red and long. it's nicer when it's not done up or straightened or brushed, just left be and red with blonde highlitghts. still luv it! her hair won't be bad by 30... no way.


nice! sexy! i could never picture miley with blonde hair. and it looks great. then again, it's not complete blonde she's still got brunette highlights. PS- anyone who wants to see the who owns my heart music video... go to google and type in MSN- Spain. it's airing tomorrow on the webiste at 7 o' clock. it's seriously going to air. no lie... go check it out on the website now. it'll say. can't wait. spread the word and don't fuck with her. she'll probably be edgy again but who the heak gives? seriously....


What's up with her shoulders? She looks like she's on a clothes hanger. I also wouldn't really consider this color blond. In the true sense of the word.


miley is so cute!!! she has a really good voice 2!!! and a great actor shes perfect!!! rock on miley :)


I love you!!!! you rock

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