Miley Cyrus as a Blonde: Hot or Not?

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Miley Cyrus has gone back to blonde.

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    Hannah and miley r two different grls. Hannah is a idol for kids not miley! Miley is a hot,sxy,chilled we should not mix them up!!!


    FAKE @hollywood,hacker,below:What a lame attempt...You have a LONG way to go before you can write like me...I do not 'Preach the Gospel',so---Try again(on the bright side; Hopefully---you can't get any worse. Ha,ha!) Second; I'll simply quote the legendary 'Lynyrd Skynyrd'; "...You will not see me cryin','cause I Do Not Sing the BLUES!"[Gimme back my Bullets]...And I would tell you a Great place to 'stick your pet hamster',however---I'm quite sure you're already doing that---aren't you? Oh well---to each their own.
    I guess you should go ahead and keep trying to be me---since your life is so sad you can't live 'it' instead. Better you trying to be me---than nothing at all---huh,'wanna-be'? Later; The Real Hollywood---out...


    Sory My inglish iz not berry love Miley berry much.


    Handbags are for fruitcakes.Miley rocks as a blond.


    @Hollywood ,we are happy for you.Now you'll be able to dediicate more time to your handbags and to saving private Miley.


    @THG now I have more time to preach the gospel and sing the blues.Miley is my supergirl and I'm dedicating my next handbag collection to Miley and her mom.My pet carrier handbag collection should be out just in time for thanksgiving in case some yall would like to carry your pet turkeys around or something before the big feast.I'm sorry my collection won't be out for Halloween,I know sone of you were looking forward to carrying your pet bats around. Next year I'll probably start working on my handbags earlier in the year..Defending Miley takes up a lot of my time , but it keeps my mind occupied when I'm not thinking of where to stick my pet hamster and how celebs would like to carry him in their handbags.Well people get your pets ready my handbag are coming.later y'all......Hollywood----out.


    @THG: Thanks for getting rid of the 'Fake @hollywood,hacker,but---Now,with the fake hollywood's absence here, it looks like I am talking about myself,(Lol!)
    Oh well--it'll get straightened-out eventually--right?(Ha,ha!)
    Thanks again for looking-out...Later all;Hollywood---out...


    Errrm, im a Miley fan, i've been for years, but im not loving the hair. To me, it looks like shes going down the Britney/Lindsey/Hilary road......anyone agree?


    @FAKE 'hollywood' below: Why do you keep trying to use MY name?! Go pick your OWN name and sell your freakin' handbags with it...You certainly can't write like me so give-it-Up...
    Later all; the Real Hollywood---Out...


    Seriously? U all question WHICH WAY Miley looks better blond or natural and need a public vote?! SERIOUSLY!? The girl/ young lady was BOTH in Hannah Montana... even then I couldn't decide which way I liked her best, because to me, she is pretty either way... even mixed up with red low lights. Doesn't matter to me and I'm a 48 yr old grandma!!!!

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