Mel Gibson Told to Cough Up Major Child Support

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Oksana Grigorieva had been angling to score more money from Mel Gibson - what else is new - for some time, but yesterday, a judge actually sided with her.

In regard to child support, at least.

Mel's estranged baby mama nabbed $15,000 more a month, upping her total monthly intake to $20,000, after the judge in their child custody case ordered it.

All I have are $10s and $20s ...

Oksana, who will appear on Oprah in the near future, is launching a full scale offensive against the actor, with PR and legal campaigns left and right in recent weeks.

Judge Scott Gordon issued an order Thursday, upping Mel Gibson's child support from $5,000 to $20,000 a month. Oksana Grigorieva had sought $40,000 a month.

Still ... $20,000 a month is basically a $240,000 salary to be the full-time mother of an infant. Not a bad life. To think, she could have just taken that $15 million ...


Mel Gibson should counter file against Oksana for the money to go into a Trust Fund, that will control distribution.
Child_Support_Trust_Fund.dads-house org


I don't think she deserved that much money. 8K or 10K a month should support a child VERY WELL. We know she was with him for the money. You know she didn't have a child out of love. Still" he should support the child. But 20K a month for the next 18 years, She just didn't earn that much money from him in a year. I've had a fish longer than she was with him.

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