Mario Lopez Introduces World to Daughter Gia

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Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed a girl named Gia into the world four weeks ago.

Because it's never too early to expose a child to the world of celebrity gossip tabloids, the TV host and former child actor has now posed (shirtless, of course) with his cute daughter in the pages of this week's OK!.

Blue Ivy Carter Pics

Lopez - who will star in a ridiculous reality show titled Saved by the Baby, premiering November 1 on VH1 - says he's "the go-to-guy for diaper changing" around the house.

Is there a lot for him to clean up on a daily basis?

"It's impressive the amount of stuff that comes out of the little thing," he says. "We're talking all the way up the back explosions."

Good to know, Mario. Thanks.


I get so sick of hearing Mario around the studios instantly turning latino again when pronouncing latin words like neeek-a-raag-uah but more than that did you know he refers to his wife as Mazza NOT because its her name but he thinks Courtney is too anglo sounding, nothing worst than a racist except one who cheats...oh thats right Ali Landry I forgot well I guess racist cheater of the year goes to Mario,

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