Mario Arresed for Assault... of Own Mother!

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Mario Dewar Bennett, better known simply as Mario, was arrested early this morning and charged with assault. The victim?

His mother.

Mario Mug Shot

As first reported by TMZ, the alleged incident took place in the Baltimore apartment Mario shares with his mom.

Police say Shawntia Hardaway told them her son had been "throwing and damaging property" and that he pushed her "eight feet into a living room wall" earlier in the week.

Authorities did find numerous broken items inside the apartment, such as a china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door. The former Dancing with the Stars contested was arrested on charges of second degree assault and released on $50,000 bond.


Namaste, Talk about selling your soul Hollywood Babylon. It is the American Dream. But do you know what is going on behind the golden gates? Ohm shanti.


i can't believe he beat his mom and he pull a chris brown why do people need to beat one people that is so stupid


As far as honoring thy parents, hopefully their issues are on the way to being resolved before it **really gets out of hand. Maybe
the police being called on the scene is one of the first steps to a better **understanding between this mother and son. PEACE!!


it is no secret that his mom is a drug addict i bet he cut her off and this was her way of getting back at him. if a altercation insued she started it


Yeah that's because his Mom is on those drugs, and that young man said he is tired of that, that his mom needs to get help!!! Mario said he would buy his Mom anything she ever wanted long as she stops the drugs, but I'm pretty sure this was something she started!!!...she really needs an intervention!!!