Madonna For Dolce & Gabbana: Middle-Aged Hotness!

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Madonna is 52. We repeat. Fifty. Two.

These new Dolce & Gabbana ads prove that the Material Girl is still as hot as ever, though, writhing around on all fours while wearing nothing but black lingerie, a bejeweled crucifix, cleavage-baring dress and black silk pajamas.

Mugler Shot

Here's the fashion icon and sex symbol at the half century mark ...

The burning question: Would you ... y'know?


Go Wendy! I don't hear anyone ripping on George Clooney for his " sex symbol" status at 49.
And let's talk about all the " young hotties" who have no business ( or the bodies) to be wearing what they wear. Just cuz ur young don't mean u got the goods. When y'all look HALF that good or dance HALF that well, then we'll talk.


Yea she should act 52! Just cuz you have titts that are not hanging on the floor doens't mean you should show the whole world and you can be covered up and still look sexy! This is not!! This just looks like a poor attempt to be sexy and to turn back the clock to the materiel girl days!! Sorry girfriend, time did not stop for you!! Deal with it and move on and stop wearing this shit!


She IS 52 BUT, she's also photoshopped and has had work done on her face. She should look good for her age. If these pictures were all natural with no photoshop and no plastic surgery, ie. the REAL Madonna THEN I'd be amazed. I also agree with others, act your age woman!!


Obviously you haven't seen the unphotoshopped versions of these photos that are going around. She is a bony, saggy boobed and veiny armed mess before some heavy airbrushing. Seriously, she looks nothing like these pictures.


Act your age? WTF? She can do whatever she wants. It's not like she dresses like this to go to church, it's for an advertisement and she's a pop icon. And what, are only women in their 20s supposed to be sexual? How stupid. Stop being an ageist and sexist. Grow up.


Yah, exactly.. she's 52! Honestly, there's no doubt about it that Madonna looks DAMN good for her age, but seriously? Time to act your age. I'm not saying that she needs to wear knitted sweaters and baggy pants, but honestly? Acting provacative like she's still in her 20s, get real. Grow up.

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