Maci Bookout: Moving to L.A. For Teen Mom Spinoff?

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Teen Mom made Maci Bookout an overnight celebrity.

Now the 19-year-old may be moving to Hollywood!

An insider tells OK! that the mother of two-year-old Bentley is planning to relocate from Tennessee to Tinseltown - because of her new reality show in the works!

Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout

TEEN MOM SHOCKERS: They're a dime a dozen these days.

While an MTV rep says Maci Bookout "is not considering moving to L.A.,” an insider insists a show of her own, and the move to California, are imminent.

We'll see what Ryan Edwards and Kyle King have to say about that one.

In other Teen Mom crisis news, it's been more than six days since two-year-old Leah has heard from her mom, embattled rage-a-holic Amber Portwood.

Not a single visit, phone call, text or even a simple “I love you” since the troubled reality star smacked around Gary Shirley once again last weekend.

“She’s doing her thing,” says Gary’s pal. Hopefully her thing is therapy.


OMG ok first of all get her some help!! she is screaming for help ppl need to take a look in their back yard before the want to clean someone else! For starters I had a really bad issues with myself and got help from my husband and meds. I was 20 when my first was born and 21 when second newlywed and needless to say was going crazy with no out lit i found comfort in knowing i was loved and family and friend where there for me.That Gary needs to be shot for getting her prego and chicken out when it came down to being there for Amber and making sure she is ok to insure leah will be. You know that old saying take care of mom and she'll take care of everything else!!


As for that "Pig" Amber, she should never get to see Leah, unless, it's supervised. She's a ticking time bomb and I fear, for that poor baby's life at times. She was just acting , when she was on the finale, with Dr. Drew. She's not gonna change, so take that baby, from her, before, we see her on Nancy Grace and poor little Leah is our next child victim....And Gary, walk away, and if you love your daughter, then you'll make sure, she's safe and out of the clutches of that raving monster...

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