Maci Bookout is SO OVER Ryan Edwards!

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Like her co-stars, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has been through a lot. Here, she sets the record straight about Ryan Edwards, Kyle King and little baby Bentley.

The 19-year-old star of the MTV show recently talked with Radar Online about everything going on. Excerpts from her interview with the website below ...

Teen Mom Stars: RUINED!

Baby Bentley is priority #1 for Maci Bookout.

On moving to be closer to Kyle King: "I did it for two reasons: I wanted Kyle and I to be in the same place, and I wanted to be on my own and learn about myself and Bentley. Even if Kyle and I hadn't worked out it would be worth it."

On letting Bentley spend more time with his dad: "I want Bentley to spend time with his dad because he can learn so much from him. I also don't ever want him to grow up being like, 'I never got to spend time with my dad.'"

On whether there's a potential romantic future with Ryan Edwards: "No. There is a future with us as co-parents but not a future for us as a couple."

On why she and Kyle work: "Kyle and I are best friends and are there for each other. It's nice to know someone is there for you no matter what."

Maci is not back together with Ryan. Nor will she be.

On how she gets through the day: "It's actually easier for me when I have a lot to do. My routine is wake up, feed Bentley, play, school, come home, 30 minutes to relax, play dirt bikes and trucks, eat dinner, play, take a bath and sleep."

On marriage another baby: "Definitely want both, but not right now. I have been thinking I need to grow up, get married and have more kids and feel like I need to tomorrow, but then I realize I am only 19 years old."

On Teen Mom altering her perspective: "I don't know because I was 16 when this started and it feels like this has always been my life."

Follow the link for more from Maci in Radar's full interview ...

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