Taylor Momsen in Revolver: Lingerie and Guns!

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What do you get when you combine an underage Gossip Girl star, raccoon makeup, the skimpiest lingerie, a glock and a sawed-off shotgun?

Taylor Momsen on the cover of Revolver, of course?

The 17-year-old actress, model and aspiring rocker certainly knows how to push the envelope and does not give a damn what anyone thinks.

There's something refreshing about that, in spite of everything off-putting about this. Do you think she's taking it a little too far? Tell us below ...

Taylor Momsen Cover

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's Revolver cover?


WOW Joy a little over the top with saying that someone needs to fuck the shit out of her! I'm all for that someone needs to beat the studip out of her but o.k.


Wow. And people are complaining about Miley Cyrus being too sexy? I'm pretty sure Miley's never posed in lingerie, wielding gun on a mag cover. Taylor's underage... isn't this illegal?


bad role model


WTF Do you think you're some bad-ass??!! Yea right LMFAO what a joke...


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Taylor Momsen is a cute young actress who stars on the hit series Gossip Girl. Before Gossip Girl, she didn't do much - Taylor Momsen is... More »
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