Taylor Momsen in Revolver: Lingerie and Guns!

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What do you get when you combine an underage Gossip Girl star, raccoon makeup, the skimpiest lingerie, a glock and a sawed-off shotgun?

Taylor Momsen on the cover of Revolver, of course?

The 17-year-old actress, model and aspiring rocker certainly knows how to push the envelope and does not give a damn what anyone thinks.

There's something refreshing about that, in spite of everything off-putting about this. Do you think she's taking it a little too far? Tell us below ...

Taylor Momsen Cover

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's Revolver cover?


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Nice face. I wonder what it really looks like.


wow... and i thought miley was bad. actually, in my opinion, they're both talentless wastes of space who had a shot at being a role model but threw it away. Taylor Momsen is an ungrateful little wretch. did you know she swears at fans and doesn't give a crap about them? she may as well be giving them all the middle finger. it's just so disrespectful to the people who got her to where she is.


I know, it's disgusting. She's underage, end of story.


I think there should be laws againts things like this. my opinion has nothing to do with what i think of Taylor personally, but i just think it's wrong. Underage girls should not be allowed to degrade themselves like this. the girl is still 17, still officially a child, so it feels really disturbing and wrong to let photographers carry through with a photoshot like that when the subject is still technically a child.


And Joy, notice how your comment is gone hummm wonderwhy...dipshit!




Shut the hell up @Monkey.


I think this girl was dropped on her head at birth.


I want to sex the sexing sex out of her.


As long as she is not sporting any anit-semitic tatoos, advertising the killing of animals, or encouraging hate crimes, this photo may have an artistic zombie killing vigilante edge to it.