Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Support World Hunger Relief, Look Adorable

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Larry Birkhead displays d-bag qualities from time top time, but even THG has to admit ... this photo of lil' Dannielynn Hope Marshall with her daddy is SO cute!

The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and the photographer popped by a World Hunger Relief fundraiser Monday in Las Vegas, Nev., smiling ear-to-ear.

Kim Raver, Leo Kipling Boyer

It's great to see them so happy. Part of us wonders if LB knows the money's going to charity and not his bank account, but either way, how sweet is this pic?!

WHAT A LITTLE CUPCAKE: Dannielynn and Larry make us melt.


Larry Birkhead is NOBODY, just a gay paparazzo who impregnated mentally ill, heavily medicated stripper on methadone and sedatives. What kind of a man whould want to intentionally impregnate a heavily medicated woman $$$ Birkhead desperately wants to be in the spotlights... He has no job for years. He sells pictures of a mothereless child in order to maintain his lavish Hollywood lifestyle.

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