Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Support World Hunger Relief, Look Adorable

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Larry Birkhead displays d-bag qualities from time top time, but even THG has to admit ... this photo of lil' Dannielynn Hope Marshall with her daddy is SO cute!

The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and the photographer popped by a World Hunger Relief fundraiser Monday in Las Vegas, Nev., smiling ear-to-ear.

Kim Raver, Leo Kipling Boyer

It's great to see them so happy. Part of us wonders if LB knows the money's going to charity and not his bank account, but either way, how sweet is this pic?!

WHAT A LITTLE CUPCAKE: Dannielynn and Larry make us melt.

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AWWWWW she is cute as a button, looks like you have done a great job with her.


Larry,I wish you and Dannielyn, a Very Merry Christmas.Wish you would put some pictures of Dannielyn on here.Miss seeing her pictures.She is a beautiful child.


I forgot to say that I think she should have her Daddy's name, Dannielynn Smith Birkhead!!!


Dear Larry, They can say what they want to but your little doll is the exact image of you and always has been. No one could deny that she is yours and you have been a wonderful and loving Daddy to her. She will grow up a very happy girl.


I think Larry Birkhead is a great father and he is her only surviving biological parent. I think he would do anything he could to provide a healthy, happy life for her, so it's all good!
p.s. She does have that movie star beauty of her mother...
How anyone could deny her father's love for her, I do not know.


Nobody is perfect. Larry is one of many unperfect ones. But he is good, loving father,and therefore little girl Danielynn is lucky. Nice to see her smile.


Someone said she looks like her mother, I think she looks just like her dad. Regardless of how "scummy" this guy is or if he's gay or straight or what ever, there is a child involved here. Let's just hope she survives this crazy world and has a better life than her mother did.


Larry Birkhead is a greedy scumbag. Everybody knew he was homosexual. Anna was his ticket to fame and fortune. When she found out the truth about him she left US and never came back. Birkhead knew Daniel experimented with drugs and did nothing to save him.


I love Dannielynn. She is to die for. We should all love her. We owe her because we all rushed to enjoy her mother's downfall. We all stayed glued to the TV to soak-up every scandalous detail. We owe her and she needs us. Someday she is going to read all about her mother and brother's problems and wonder: "Am I cursed?". I for one will answer that question: "no, Sweetheart you are a special blessing."


Larry Birkhead is a great father who takes care of his daughter in light of the great tragedies surrounding his family. The litte girls eyes beam with hapiness a great sign that she is loved and happy. The poster above keeps going on message boards and posting the same thing verbatim. A sad life for that bored person I guess