Krista Allen and Mams Taylor: Married!

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This weekend was a legendary one for random celebrity weddings.

Perhaps the most random of 'em all: Krista Allen and Mams Taylor!

George Clooney's beautiful ex-girlfriend, an actress with dozens of notable credits from soaps to movies to borderline soft porn, and the British rapper made it official.

MEET MISTA: Mams and Krista are married!

Mams, who gossip readers may also remember as the guy who cold cocked Jesse Metcalfe for moving in on his girl back in the day, confirmed it on Facebook.

"10.10.10 was a beautiful day I will remember forever! My wife and I got married in a ceremony with just her mom and son (step son-Jake) and my nephew!"

"So HAPPY and GRATEFUL! Bigger celebration to follow!"

Congratulations to the latest of the week's celeb newlyweds. You can catch Krista on an upcoming episode of Life Unexpected, the popular new CW series!

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"There are rappers in England????? This is news to me. What do they rap about? Rolling down the street eating black pudding and sippin on gin and tea" 1st off big up ny us for starting the hip hop movement. but this muppet dont know his stuff. I'm sorry to say but the state of hip hop is just boring....the same old lil wayne, gucci mane, rubbish. yet we the british have progressed and taken it to the next level.......ever heard of 'grime', prob not, know why? cause our music and lyrics will cause you weak emotinal yanks to have a nervous breakdown. big up mams taylor, he's a visionary with a new sound which may save ur whole us rap thing. As for grime, which rappers in uk are hitting top spots....grime ARTISTS THATS WHO......MUCHG LOVE TO MY UK FAM FOR TAKING WHAT WAS A GENRE IN DIRE TO SOMETHING NEW AND CREATIVE!!!!!. u GUYS CAN HAVE ALL UR GLOCHS, GATS, AK'S, BUT COME ROUND HERE AND WE'LL SMACK UR LIVIN FACE OFF.


"randyjacksonsbutt October 12th, 2010 1:51 PM There are rappers in England????? This is news to me. What do they rap about? Rolling down the street eating black pudding and sippin on gin and tea." u muppet, have heard british rap. look into it mate before u chat shit. Big up to us ny for starting hip hop


Really Hollywood gossip....some of your info is mega years old. Even Clooney's new fling was in soft porn in Italy. Give it a rest will you. I am happy to see Krista returning to tv. I read she took some time off for family matters. Lots of luck. Love you Krista


Namaste, George Cloony's ex-girlfriend a borderline softporno actrice? Shame on you George! I thought the he was that all American dream actor. You dirty old bastard. No just kiding. A man is man. If he wants to stick his dick inside her......O, but anyways. Gotta behave here. There are ladies reading this also. So fuck the conversation about being a man or not. Don't know her or her husband. Guess I am not that much up to date in showbizzland. Gotta work more on that. Mmmm, rather not. Cause most in showbizz is all garbage. I only watch some classic timeless entertainment. But that's is just my opinion. Cause most of the world is watching and hearing all that crap anyway. So I have nothing more to say about them. But I think they could be the same idiotic, talentless, wanna be a talent in Hollywood Babylon. Like many others. Except for George Cloony then. Maybe...... Ohm shanti.


There are rappers in England????? This is news to me. What do they rap about? Rolling down the street eating black pudding and sippin on gin and tea.


Ugh lame that there are sites that take private moments between people and turn them into headlines. I wish them all the happiness in the world but it is really shady of a "news" source to write around someone's personal Facebook status. Also, why no mention of Krista's upcoming guest appearance on 'Life Unexpected'? That is actual news since it is a new role on a new show, airing this year. Everything else cited in this article, including the Mams/Jesse thing is YEARS old. Ridiculous.


Wishing you all the happiness in the world. You are an awesome actress and I can't wait to see you on Life Unexpected!!


My friend dated him and he is a fu...... phyco!! I wish her luck in this marriage, but he is just a controlling man. Lot's of other actresses have done the same thing early in their careers. I guess when you mix George Clooney and porn you have a great headline for a struggling little site like this one. Krista you rock...


Guess he didn't get the memo...


Didn't anyone tell him that you can't make a hoe into a housewife??!!

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