Kim Kardashian Sucks at Bowling

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Kim Kardashian may have suffered through a staged brawl late last week, but the contrived incident didn't get in the way of what this professional celebrity does best:

Stand around at public events in attire that calls attention to her cleavage.

Kim took this act to a new level at Foxwoods Casino on Saturday night, stepping up to a bowling lane in Louboutin pumps and a dress that was tighter than Lil Wayne's prison cell. We've never seen her look so unsure in the presence of balls before...

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Ok oviesly if you dont have anything good to say dont say nothing at all and when i mean something is to be smart when you talk......To the world full of haters oviesly Kim Kardashian is doing something good because even as how you all say stupid in need of attention what ever she is doing she is doinggggg REALLLLLLL GOOD because she is the only one making bank at what she is doing best..........
she is all that comes out of everyones mouth and she will be for the next years to come. To those who actually look stupid in what you do learn and pay attention maybe you can learn something from who seems to be the Pro GO KIM KARDASHIAN just remember HATERS WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU FAMOUSSSS SO KEEP TALKING HATERSSS


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ok i never heard of bowling in a dress and pumps she couldv't change at least her shoes


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