Kim Kardashian: Ready to Date in NYC!

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Kim Kardashian is single... and ready to mingle in The Big Apple!

As announced last night, the large-breasted reality star is moving to New York City to attend parties and sleep with professional athletes open up a new store with sister Kourtney. Asked about the spin-off by Ryan Seacrest on his radio program today, Kim focused on her love life. Or lackthereof.

"I'm really officially on my own, and I'm in a whole different city," Kim said. "I'd be down for some hookups."

Kim in New York
Big Breasts in Big Apple

She looks plastic and has the personality of a mannequin. Who could resist Kim Kardashian?!?

That sound you just heard? Athletes across NYC rushing out to purchase boxes of condoms.

Who do you think Kim will date during her time in the city?


Kim doesn't use condoms - just watch her lame sex tape for proof!! She's a dirty hoe


lol Monkey I am waiting for the next Kim K sex tape!! Maybe she will have a threesome with her kinky Kim slut doll and another NFL player. Kim has had more dick in her than a urinal!


i wish kim comes down to louisiana do a show taking over lousiana how cool that would be


I hope it is real fur and those crazy ppl throw red paint on her!


i think she's so pretty i hope thats not a real fur


wwho do you think will be her next hookup? A.
E. all of the above. final answer: E


why she dress like jlo and like ghetto i don't really think their signle black man up there


"Down for some hookups" Sure you are! New town New dick huh??!! Will you also tape it, leak it and cry while cashing in??
What lucky guy wouldn't...


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