Kim Kardashian on Staged Fight: I'm Okay!

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Phew. Kim Kardashian is okay.

We were worried that the fight she and her reality show concocted for an upcoming episode would leave her injured, but the blogger writes that the script didn't call for any harm to be done she's okay.

Big Butt, Big Apple

"I'm totally fine, guys," Kardashian wrote on her website. "I want to address this because everyone has been asking me if I'm ok after the bar fight last night.... A drunk male fan came up to me and asked to take a picture, and I obliged, but his girlfriend, who was also drunk, got a little out of hand. Luckily I had Scott and Khloe there to protect me."

And a slew of cameramen, of course.

Concluded Kim: "We just wanted a fun family night out, but when people see the cameras rolling, they try to get attention."

Weird. From where would they possible get that idea?!?


Speaking of getting attenton is that not what all of your famuly does, none of you have a talent Scott need a psychatrist, Kourtney has obviously low self esteem, after being with a man that has humiliated her numerous times, Kim settle down, and find a one man, Mom lives through her children, the twins who knows, Bruce push over, and the other one what? her husband wanted a young woman, the brother needs to grow up.


khloe is ugly and a man and look like a hairy loose v.a.g.i.n.a


khloe looks like a man!!


My god.....i tought she was hospitalized, 24 doctors at her desk, 14 cameras filming, 3 cast director, all family members....the pope......Obama....cookie monster.....
That girl, like all her family, are fame addicted. The girl who throw the drink at her plastic face shouldve throw the glass at her face too...or at Khloe...maybe her face wouldve look better after that...


ok yall think khloe is a mn i looked it up and it said she is a woman and always been a woman so there


HH, hahaha! God! You have a way with words!


I'm a southern baptist woman and in Jesus's name I swear that Kloe does look like a man, now please leave me the hell alone.Thanks.


@gina i don't give a shit


ok so what if she is i like kim better anyway


ok u go away i like kim so leave me alone


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