Kim Kardashian: Naked in W Magazine

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Remember last month when Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset about new photos of her in Playboy being released online? Now we know why:

The reality star didn't care that her naked body was on display. She was simply peeved that those images would upstage her new set of nude photos!

That's right, just when we thought the busty brunette couldn't get any more hypocritical (or don anything more revealing than this outfit), Kim has gone ahead and showed off her only true talent once again: posing in her birthday suit. Check out the full frontal images below:

  • Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
  • Kim Kardashian Nude Picture
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seems Kim is still trying to make Reggie Bush jealous - too late honey - he's tapped that more than a few times and has moved on


i think she is very beautiful! i wish i had her body i hope kourtnys baby boy dont see them when he grows up!!!!


Wow. Talk about junk in the trunk. Is her butt pregnant or is there an extraterrestrial living in there. This is a weird photo. Not flattering at all. How could she let them do this. Didn't she get to see the photos before they put them out.


Is it just me, or does anyone notice the top of the picture is in color and the bottom isn't. & There is no way thats Kim's butt. Her butt might be big, but it isn't that big.


great pics hope to see more


That can't be Kim butt,if so the camera add pounds to her butt.


i think she loks great she been working out so shecan do this if i had that body i wouldn't mind showing it off.


her butt does look strange! gross. kim is ridiculous and thg is right, her only talent is posing nude! why is she even famous! i think her body is gross looking.


Could someone remove her hands and allow me to enjoy her body because this girl is sexy. She needs to do more images like this and perhaps a little something for me


Its really! Kim... Big Boom...... amazing... Kim Kardashian W Magazine Photos: