Kim Kardashian: Naked in W Magazine

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Remember last month when Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset about new photos of her in Playboy being released online? Now we know why:

The reality star didn't care that her naked body was on display. She was simply peeved that those images would upstage her new set of nude photos!

That's right, just when we thought the busty brunette couldn't get any more hypocritical (or don anything more revealing than this outfit), Kim has gone ahead and showed off her only true talent once again: posing in her birthday suit. Check out the full frontal images below:

Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
Kim Kardashian Nude Picture

woops I meant that hardly anyone in magazines isn't touched up to look perfect, and that in real like people in that industry get work done to maintain this illusion. I didn't mean to contradict myself, I was kind of writing fast and trying to get all my thoughts out.


If people read past articles about the Kardashians they will see that posted comments contain racial derogatory remarks about the Kardashians and racially based hateful remarks about their choosing to date Black men. Some people follow the Kardashian articles only to hate on them. I may make fun of Kim's butt and I may also feel that she does not needs any plastic surgery, but I don't say anything racially "hateful" about her as a person nor her family for being in the media.


Noone in the right mind would be jealous of her she looks like a 'Madam' - her looks, her ways everything about her is trash not a classy woman at all. Beauty looks much different, beauty is classy, sophisticated, demure etc. and she is none of that. She is glamorized and why only God knows. The whole Kardashian clan is all about money and they will do anything for it, it is disgusting to see tham all, they are a sad lot. MB


I dont believe the issue is people being jealous of Kim at all. If her ass was real then people would not be so judgemental but we all can plainly see the amount of plastc surgery Kim has had. She has more fake body parts than Mrs Potato head yet she is always talking about herself being 100% natural. The fact that she is a media whore works to her disadvantage because we can all see the before and after pictures of how Kim looked then and now. I prefer women like Eva Mendez, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce etc. These women are all naturally beautiful, exotic looking and are real hard working celebs who did not have to sell their own porno to get A list status and to where they are today. Kim must think the public is as gulliable and stupid as she is. She does not deserve to be on Magazine covers or to have her own show - as far i'm concerned she should be the poster child for STD'S she uses her body like a drive through!


You know all these people calling Kim a whore and all that are just jealous. They probably all have flat asses, raisin boobs, and turtle faces.


Talk about air brushing. Everyone knows how hairy people of middle European decent are.


how about all you girls get over it, and don't be looking, all i got to say i she is making more money than you will so get over it if u want to be like her hit me up.


You people need to get a life and grow the hell up. She has a great body. Beside if she was looking all skinny and thin; you are the same people who would say that she needs to eat. or to put on some pounds on. Kim is just showing off her womenly curves. At lest she is proud to show what she's got.


And this woman wants people to respect her ,she lies all the time and she addicted to plastic surgery .Remember when she didn't have her face done and her boobs and butt? she looked so very beautiful and now she looks like a freak.I think she really doesn't have any self esteem searching for the pefection she thinks will make her happy.


Can anyone imagine this woman being a role model for our daughters and sons who will think it's okay to look, behave and be treated like a whore???


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