Kim Kardashian: Naked in W Magazine

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Remember last month when Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset about new photos of her in Playboy being released online? Now we know why:

The reality star didn't care that her naked body was on display. She was simply peeved that those images would upstage her new set of nude photos!

That's right, just when we thought the busty brunette couldn't get any more hypocritical (or don anything more revealing than this outfit), Kim has gone ahead and showed off her only true talent once again: posing in her birthday suit. Check out the full frontal images below:

Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
Kim Kardashian Nude Picture

@caramelsun I couldnt have said it better myself; I'm so glad to see ur post it reassures me that not all ppl are dumbaszes


she looks nasty naked. fantasy=ruined


If I had a butt like Kim Kardashian's, I'd keep it well-hidden. Not pretty at all.


I am very disgusted with W Magazine. There is nothing HIGH FASHION or TASTEFUL about this cover or shoot. Her butt is an image I will never be able to get out of my mind... it really grossed me out. You know that it's photoshopped to death, which means it's likely all cellulite. Not that having flaws is a terrible thing, but why not XXL or Maxim instead of this once artful magazine? Ugh. I'd rather see a runway model naked with something at least draped over her- like a purse or jewelry.... if they HAD to use Kim, couldn't they at least add SOME accessory to make it pretend to be fashion?




She looks really people really need to stop hating on her


People act like kim is the only curvy woman on the planet. Yes she has a nice body but it is paid for (meaning she HAS had a lot of surgery) I do think she was extremely pretty b4 the surgery but there is no need for her to keep posing like this all the time we have seen it a million times b4! She leaves nothing to the imagination. Kim is half white nobody is hating on her for being a woman of colour repping a good body. There is a reason why so many people dislike Kim and her family its not hating it has to do with morals and standards.


Kim has sucked and f*cked her way to where she is today anybody who can justify that must have low self worth and a complete lack of respect for their bodies like their idol Kim the hoe. I can't stand Paris Hilton either or Kendra all are hoes who used sex to make it as they have NO TALENT. If you are a fan of KUWTK look at season 1 and then the latest series and can u honestly say that Kims face has not changed at all???
Kim is making money but at a great cost there is a reason why soooo many men have sexed her peed on her & moved on. No man who wants to be taken seriously will marry a hoe who sold her own sex tape for fame and let Ray J take a piss on her - I mean how disgusting is that letting another person take a piss on u!!!


Kim doesn't look good here at all! All the mystique is gone!
I wouldn't want anyone to see me if my butt-crack was that big!


If Kim hasn't found herself and hasn't gotten the confidence in herself YET, then I feel sorry for her. Posing in the nude shows how insecure she is. All the singers, etc. that are so
talented in their own rights and then think they have to pose
nude or do some outrageous thing just isn't that secure in who they are. It's a shame to sell out. But the best whore is the money-whore! It's a shame!!! How much money is enough???????


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