Kim Kardashian: Naked in W Magazine

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Remember last month when Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset about new photos of her in Playboy being released online? Now we know why:

The reality star didn't care that her naked body was on display. She was simply peeved that those images would upstage her new set of nude photos!

That's right, just when we thought the busty brunette couldn't get any more hypocritical (or don anything more revealing than this outfit), Kim has gone ahead and showed off her only true talent once again: posing in her birthday suit. Check out the full frontal images below:

Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
Kim Kardashian Nude Picture

What a slut!


Hey if you got it flaunt it~~and she has it and if you don't like it you don't have to look at it.


No business like constantly showing your a$$. I can easily understand Kim K posing nude every once in a great while, but as a woman who is enterprising in a number of legitimate businesses, it seems highly unnecessary for her to keep dropping her clothes for the cameras. At her age, she should start thinking about that one special man destined to come into her life who may really care for her as a person, but if everyone else has seen her bare a$$,maybe she is not the one to take home to meet his Mom, and family. So far she has no trouble showing her a$$, but the hardest time holding on to a man. Go figure!!


@shannon im not jealous i like her its just why she got to pose nude


You guys are just jealous that your body will never look that good, oh and maybe shes famous... jealous jealous


ok why is she always got to pose nake all the time let me guess her mom told her to do it like the playboy show


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