Kim Kardashian: Naked in W Magazine

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Remember last month when Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset about new photos of her in Playboy being released online? Now we know why:

The reality star didn't care that her naked body was on display. She was simply peeved that those images would upstage her new set of nude photos!

That's right, just when we thought the busty brunette couldn't get any more hypocritical (or don anything more revealing than this outfit), Kim has gone ahead and showed off her only true talent once again: posing in her birthday suit. Check out the full frontal images below:

Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
Kim Kardashian Nude Picture

It is amazing how her own mother continues to pimp her out by being her Momanager.As a woman,already famous with numerous businesses under her belt,she shows no grace or self dignity considering the fact that she has younger sisters old enough to be aware of her antics,as well as her stepfather (Bruce Jenner) who constantly disapprove of her choices. How many times can she pretend to be tired of the attention that she has become addicted to seeking?? Beauty and fame may get a man's attention, but it is not guaranteed to keep it. It is a sad day when your own mother,
encourage you to pose nude. Kris Jenner already has a husband, but what man is going to see pass her daughter's sex tape and nude pictorials to become serious about her as a potential mate.By all indications Kim K is going to end up a very wealthy,
but lonely woman. She may carry his name, but I do not believe for one moment that Robert K. would have encouraged Kim's behavior.


whats the big deal with the butt, there are lots of women with big nice shapely butts..especially in point is, i dont think her butt is fake.because i have seen lots of such butts all over the world.i also think taht we should not judge the lady..we all have issues with our lives..people deal with them differently..if she can go to the extremes to get whatver she feels she can get in life, let her do whatever, i mean its her life afterall...and she is simply living it


ha ha they had to paintbrush her silver and still she looks like shit, wow that is a big ass.


is it just me or does her butt look strange.. it looks too big for her body and looks like its been stuck on as a fake ass? lol


Kim didn't like more of her playboy pictures released to the public because she has said she didn't feel like she was in the best of shape then and was 10 pounds heavier at the time. Lay off the girl. Congrats on the W cover doll. Be proud! W is a very prestigious magazine!


Man, that's one ugly big fat butt....she looks better with her clothes on. Kim, do us and yourself a favor keep your clothes on!!!


Ok....that's Hot! But why does her crotch look so wide?


Is she painted in silver? Could they have painted her in the most unattractive color? This pic does nothing for her but make her look COLD, STIFF, FAKE, and almost dead. Wouldn't it have been better to make her look soft, lovinging, sexy instead??? I have to say I actually think she looks MUUUUUUUUUUUCH better in clothes. She is a beautiful woman who doesn't need to show her b-day outfit in order to gain fame. She butt does not look sexy at all...but place a nice soft black shirt skirt on it and she will be one hot diva.


I love kim but that's over the top ......


I think her butt is ridiculous.


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