Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Kanoodling "Like a Couple," Witness Says

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It's Kim Kardashian's birthday, and she'll date around if she wants to.

The large-breasted reality star reportedly hit the clubs of New York City with John Mayer earlier this week. But she wasn't satisfied with just one musical notch on her bedpost, a source claims.

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Kim and Kanye: A kozy, kanoodling kouple?!?

On October 19, Kim was spotted at Bijan's Bistro in Chicago with Kanye West, who shot footage in NYC last month with Kardashian for her upcoming E! series.

Said Brian Schyler, a jazz singer who was also dining at the restaurant that night, to In Touch: “Kanye had his arm around her all evening! He was rubbing her knee all night - they definitely looked like a couple."

Kim and Kanye do make a lot of sense together. They share the same first initial and he possesses... a certain quality Kim is known to look for in a man.


Kanye West is GAY, he wears womens jewellery, womens handbags and drinks wine like any lady would. They were prob drooling over some rich black athlete


Kim Yourr Hotterrr Than Hotter Dont He Is Too Bad For You Go Back With Yourr Ex Pleasee Ps Your Hott


Happy birthday Kim!
(a day late)


Maybe they were talking about making a sex tape. For money Kim K. will do anything. That woman may have money but money does not buy class!! If you make a sex tape and sell it you are a porn star and that is exactly what she is no matter how much publicity she is getting. MB


Bubble Butt and Kanye deserve each other.


They are also both conceited.


They both could do better. Theyre also both perfect for each other.

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