Kardashians Kontrive Night Klub Frakas for Reality Show

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Forget taking New York, as Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have promised to do on their upcoming reality show.

The sisters are all about faking it in New York, as evidenced by what went down last night at Juliet, a nightclub in the city.

As reported by TMZ, Kim stopped to take a picture with a male fan, only for his girlfriend to supposedly go crazy and attack the reality star, throwing a drink on her and causing Khloe's ring to fly off when she stepped in between the fracas.

Wet Kim

As you can see, Scott Disick was irate over the incident, fulfilling his role as the show's resident hot head and following the script perfectly.

What an amazing coincidence that reality TV cameras were on hand to record the confrontation, huh? We wonder if this will air on E!. Visit TMZ to watch the Kardashians exit the club and sound off: Do you actually buy this as legitimate?


Kim 'Foreign Object Warehouse' Hodashian is at it again! She's, like, so, like, talented! Look at the way she handles that wet load on her chest! You know what they say: Practice makes perfect. PS: Kim, Miss Piggy rang. She said she wants her thighs back.


Kim 'Warehouse Of Foreign Objects' Hodashian is at it again...she's so talented! Look at the way she handles that wet load on her chest! You know what they say...practice makes perfect.


here we go again they love the haters too bitches get a fckn life... i believe it cause thats how they are over here in ny, you have people hating on you cause you are pretty smh is true... kardashians all the way

Faith maguire

My question is....why are these people even on TV? The only thing they are really famous for are for being the off springs of a very famous attorney, oh yeah, and a famous step dad. Really? They may be starting businesses and such, but that's about it. Who cares what they are doing. And why sooooooooooo many reality shows? It's really becoming ridiculous! Has it really come down to all of this? We have men and women dying overseas protecting our Country, children being murdered and abused, people going on shooting rampages, and people care about what the Kardashian's are doing? Honestly!!!!!!!


i think ppl just needs to get over their self and leave her alone she did not do nothing to yall iam team kim all the way and im surprise that scott sticking up for kim that shows you he like kim then khloe but he still a loser and iam going watch kim and kourt take over nyc go kim




Let's say this was real: First, why would a woman get so jealous because her boyfriend was getting a photo? Did she think that her boyfriend was going to leave her for Kim? Which he obviously would if given the chance. Second, how on earth does a wedding ring just fall off? PS - They need to get some better writers.


I hate to see that tv has been reduced to this garbage.

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