Justin Bieber Movie Title, Poster: Revealed, Strange

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The Justin Bieber movie now has a title and a movie poster.

That's right, in February 2011, fans can buy tickets for... Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

The Biebs and his Book

Will you go see this Justin Bieber movie next year?

Sort of a strange title, no? Director John Chu explained it to USA Today:

"It's from one of his songs, but also the idea of every moment in his life. When he was a kid, some people said, 'You can't play the drums,' and he did. Or, 'You can post it on the Internet, but no one will see it.' Then millions of people saw it."

Indeed, haters. Never tell Justin Bieber "never." He'll prove you wrong every time.


I will see this movie like all the time. justin bieber is sooooo cool!


this is one of the most depressing things ever.


comes out the day before my birthday....NICE. :/
of all the fucked up things..


I cant wait till the movie comes out!!!
it comes out a couple days befor my birthday yeeeaahh cant wait


i love that saying "never tell justin never he'll only prove u wrong" i love justin bieber he is the sexyest kid alive i would love to meet him in person and give him a hug


I will NEVER watch this movie.


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