Justin Bieber Movie Preview: Watch Now!

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Justin Bieber is a once-in-a-generation talent and an inspiration to millions of people who grew up in a small town and dream of making it big.

Such is the gist of the following sneak peek at "Never Say Never," the Bieber-based biopic that will hit theaters this February and details the life of Canada's cutest export.

In the following 20-second snippet, we see Usher talking about his protege; girls screaming over the sight of Justin; and the 16-year old crooner taking the stage to a horde of welcoming fans. Sit back and get our Bieber fix below.


god i hate justin bieber only like one song "baby" he hased to hit puberty,cut his faggot hair,and stop thinkin hes all that


im gonna see it on the very first day i have been waiting for months

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