Just a Typical Night Out For Taylor Momsen

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Taylor Momsen must love Halloween. Either that or she hates it, since for one brief period per year, her underage-goth-girl-rocker look isn't edgy or unusual!

The Gossip Girl Corpse Bride herself showed up a party in W. Hollywood last night, with no shortage of leather or lace. Did we mention she's 17 years old?

So Edgy!

Hey, at compared to those topless concert pics, this is more or less tame. No word on whether The Pretty Reckless is renaming itself The Zombie Raccoons ...

Taylor Momsen readies for Halloween. Or just any Tuesday evening.

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I have something to say that she look so old like twice as her age!


My mama taught me if I don't have anything good to say I shouldn't say. Taylor Momsens mother obviously skipped many lessons including that one.


If you're old enough to operate a motor vehicle, graduate from high school, go to college, be emancipated from your parents, and-oh yeah- legally consent to sex in most states, then you're old enough to make your own choices about clothing. It doesn't matter that she's 17. She's only under 18 by 8 months anyway, not 8 years. Besides, on halloween you can dress however you want anyway. There are way more girls- teens and some as young as 6- who idolize lady gaga, but no one tells her to put it away and she wears just as little clothing.


I think she looks sexy... Goth chicks rock that shit!!!!


What great role models for young girls. NOT. She will probably be out of the business shortly. No real talent other than dressing like a slut.


If she doesn't watch it, and watch her attitude (and hey, I'm all for a strong woman attitude) she's gonna get the boot from Gossip Girl producers. I can see it happenin.


OMG WTF!!!??? Halloween isn't for another 3 days honey! God get off the crack it's wack!


I give it 6 months till shes boneing Marilyn Manson

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