Judge Nixes O.J. Simpson Appeal; World Devastated

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Christie Prody, Fred Goldman and anyone with a conscience can rest easy after O.J. Simpson lost his appeal of a kidnapping and robbery conviction today.

Juice recruited some lowlife thugs, instructed them to "get some heat", a la Stringer Bell, and jacked a memorabilia dealer to reclaim "his" stuff in 2008.

The Nevada Supreme Court upheld the ruling in the case, stating that none of O.J.'s complaints had merit, and that he should continue doing time.

O.J. appealed on grounds of racial bias, saying prosecutors axed African-American jurors unfairly, and didn't allow his attorneys to ask certain questions.

Specifically, about the two people he killed in 1994.

The former Heisman winner and NFL Hall of Fame member was sentenced to 33 years in prison, with a possibility for parole on good behavior after nine.

Interestingly, one of Simpson's cohorts, Clarence Stewart, is also appealing, arguing that Simpson's involvement unfairly prejudiced a jury against him.

No idea how that would possibly happen ...


Racial Bias O.J.? You got us convinced, now convince yourself.


I don't believe that there is any requirement that a defendant MUST have people of the same race or gender as members of the jury. Tough luck, OJ.


With a group of high profile lawyers, willing to jeopardize their reputations to free this man,you have to ask, where is the justice??
With this goof's own bravado & stupidity,he has gained himself a home at "The Pen" where he will no longer be able to take a **stab
at the justice system.


Racial bias???? Too late to use that "old saw" O.J. You WERE
one of the most beloved athletes in America. Your personality
and your commercials keep your fame alive.
Racial bias? I don't think so. Remember the majority of America was white during your popularity. The white majority supported you in your career. Committing the murders kinda changed my mind! Your bias against white Nicole and her white friend was a little much.
Sleep well on your cot.


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