Joy Behar Decrees Sharron Angle Campaign Ad, Refers to Candidate as "Evil Moron"

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Bill O'Reilly, you got off easy.

When that Fox News anchor appeared on The View last week, Joy Behar simply walked off the stage.

But Sharron Angle, who is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his office in Nevada, received the full wrath of Behar on today's edition of that gabfest.

The show aired a new campaign commercial (posted below) in which Angle takes Reid to task for his handling of illegal aliens.

Intepreting the spot to be a comparison of Latinos to terrorists, Behar addressed the camera this morning and called Angle a “bitch," said she was “going to hell" and added that the candidate is “a moron on top of being evil."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in and agreed the ad is "wrong." Watch it now and then sound off with your take.

What do you think?


The View is becoming annoying. They all need to stop talking over each other.


I hate listening to Joy....she likes to spout off things but when someone asks where she got her information she fumbles around and ends up saying I don't know she heard someone say it...come on Joy you are the biggest biggot there is!!! I'd watch the veiw more if she wasn't in it!!!


Wow Joy, to tell someone that they are going to hell is quite a statement. Maybe you should pray for that person.... oh wait let me guess... you don't believe in God. Just Hell. So you disagree with her.... get over it.

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