Joy Behar Decrees Sharron Angle Campaign Ad, Refers to Candidate as "Evil Moron"

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Bill O'Reilly, you got off easy.

When that Fox News anchor appeared on The View last week, Joy Behar simply walked off the stage.

But Sharron Angle, who is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his office in Nevada, received the full wrath of Behar on today's edition of that gabfest.

The show aired a new campaign commercial (posted below) in which Angle takes Reid to task for his handling of illegal aliens.

Intepreting the spot to be a comparison of Latinos to terrorists, Behar addressed the camera this morning and called Angle a “bitch," said she was “going to hell" and added that the candidate is “a moron on top of being evil."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in and agreed the ad is "wrong." Watch it now and then sound off with your take.

What do you think?


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TV and Political ads are strange bedfellows. The two opposing candidates can only give the voter a small glimpse into their character,but spend more time attacking their opponent than offering the voters a chance to see what they as politicians really have to offer. In politics as usual,the game is to discredit the accomplishments of each other,and put a new spin on negative accusations. The women of "The View" are not in a position to resort to name calling,just because they disagree with the ads of a running candidate. What makes Behar think that her comments are more wise and user friendly than the comments that she was responding to?? PEACE!!


Uhhh... the stunning stats on crimes committed by illegal aliens are a complete fabrication. INS closed its doors in 2006. In fact, a 2007 study by the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) found that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are substantially less likely to commit crimes or to be incarcerated than U.S. citizens. You can google that study and find the source - unlike that Latino-hating fake INS bullsh@t. Shame on the people spreading this false info, and double shame on the whoever made it up in the first place. Are you so desperate and full of hatred that you have to lie?


Joy Behore is one of TV's biggest phonies. The only way she could win on the 'Last Comic Standing' TV show would be if all the other comics were dead and they were dragging their bodies on stage to perform. Then and only then would Behore have a chance. She is vulgar, petty, childish, self-centered and her cable show has a viewing audience of 8. Behore is proof that knee pads can still help to keep you employed in Hollywood.
Behore is a very sad individual who only wants the worst for our country. Look up insecure and inferiority complex in a dictionary and you'll see her photo next to both. Bill O'Reilly's picture would be there too. O'Reilly really thinks he speaks for the average American. When someone says they are afraid of gangs in LV, Bill chuckles like a gang problem is a joke as he goes to his gated community while telling his body guards to stay outside. What a putz! In my opinion. Good luck to all Conservatives next Tuesday!!!!!


Where do these socialite haybags get their audacity. I've tuned in momentarily to only change the channel. Quickly, I might add. Where does someone these women who appear to have time to sit around all morning gabbing get their supposed eloquence?


Patricia's "statistics" are made up-- an internet hoax, not government statistics. Some of these Tea Party folks are living in an alternative universe, where "facts" are made up at will.


Joy Behar is completely correct. What a mean ad.All Lies.She is evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If the NPR guy and Rick Sanchez got fired, why in the heck shouldn't Joy Behar? I never want to see her extremely ugly face again.


Joy Behar, and all of the man-hating witches (Gloria Allred; Jane Velez-Mitchell; Nancy Grace; Meghan Kelly; etc. need to be fired. They cannot control their emotions and be fair. They all act like 7th grade girls who think someone should die for looking at their boyfriend. Why do women hold grudges for decades and go insane over trivial things? FIRE THEM ALL.