Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at Rick Sanchez

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Late last week, Rick Sanchez got fired by CNN - and then got fired at by Jon Stewart.

The news anchor first went off on The Daily Show host in a radio interview on Friday, actually referring to Stewart as a "bigot" and also strongly implying that the media is controlled by Jews. Read excerpts of Sanchez's ill-advised rant HERE.

Sanchez, Stewart

In response, Stewart took to the stage Saturday night at Comedy Central's "Night Of Too Many Stars" and talked about how people should donate to autism education, for which the show raised money, saying:

"If you went on radio and said the Jews control the media... you may want to hold on to your money."

However, the comedian added, if Sanchez was correct about his religion and its kind controlling the industry, Stewart suggested: "All he has to do is apologize to us, and we'll hire him back."

Later that evening, David Letterman joined the fun, telling those in attendance he just came from "helping Rick Sanchez clean out his office."

For all the nonsense Sanchez uttered, he should be happy he got off so easily, really.

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