John Mayer and Kim Kardashian: Kaught Getting Kozy!

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Apparently, Kim Kardashian asked for a douchebag for her birthday.

The reality star, who turns 30 tomorrow and has spent all week making sure everyone knows that, was spotted out on the town this week with John Mayer.

A Cool Pose

"They brought along other friends, but the idea was to see if they would hit it off," a source told The New York Post.

It was just a matter of time, wasn't it?

While Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift would likely tell Kim to stay away from the singer, Mayer probably seems like a catch when compared to the guy Kim has been seeing a lot of in NYC: Scott Disick.

Do you think these two would make a good couple? Or might the world explode from so much sexual napalm in one bedroom?

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Really Zoe? Is that from personal experience or did you take a poll?? Reggie didn't put up with Kim's media whore life style. No guy in his right mind that actually wants a real relationship would want to put up with that. Maybe they stick around cuz white girls put up with their shit more than others. Kim didn't dump Reggie cuz she liked the attention and used the whole relationship to promote other shit going on in her life, like her show, clothing line and perfume. If she really cared as much as she says, than she shouldn't have publicized her whole relationship! John would be perfect but really NO!!


I think the kardashian are smart chicks hooking up with rich black athletes.A black guy won't leave you so easily if you are white.Rich white athletes don't find white or black girls so exclusive.


John??? I don't think so. He's not a rich black athlete just another pr stunt by her mommy dearest!! LOL