Joey Fatone Pushes for NSYNC Episode of Glee

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Following a disappointing episode dedicated to Britney Spears, let's hope the Glee producers stop taking suggestions from fans... and also from washed-up singers.

Joey Fatone told People this week that he'd love to see an installment of the Fox hit pay tribute to his former boy band, saying the show could go "so many ways" with songs from the NSYNC catalog.

"I saw the Britney Spears one and I thought it was kind of cool. I said, 'You know what? They should do an 'NSYNC one.' So I mentioned it on Twitter, and everyone is retweeting it and saying, 'That would be great!'"


Are they really, Joey? Fans might just be clamoring for the appearance of a specific former member of the group. Unless we're mistaken. Would you wanna see this boy band honored on the show?


heyy this is cool.

Benjamin arrowood

I would like to have the whole NSYNC group there. I don't think that it would be right if Justin and Joey were there and not Lance, JC, and Chris. I don't have an issue with Lance being gay. Lance has become a Grade A anti-bullying advocate. I watched Lance on the special anti-bullying episode of Larry King Live and he was good.


they're not going me it because they r to old


I'd hardly call the Britney Tribute episode disappointing. I don't even watch Glee, but the majority of Glee fans actually enjoyed it. However, making an *N Sync Tribute episode I think is a bit much.


WHY was it a disappointing episode, the one with Britney -.-"
Most people loved the episode, just write that YOU didn't like it -.-
Seriously pfff