Joe Jackson Sues Dr. Conrad Murray For $500M

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The late Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, is suing Dr. Conrad Murray for the wrongful death of his son, and to compensate him for the loss of MJ's support.

He's seeking the modest sum of half a billion dollars.

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Joe says the sum is within "the realistic range of provable damages," broken down as 20 percent for loss of support, 40 percent for emotional distress and the other 40 percent for "loss of comfort, aid, society and companionship."

GRIEVING DAD: Joe Jackson is crushed by the lack of comfort he feels with Michael gone. He used to beat his "companion" so hard. There's such a void now.

For his part, Dr. Conrad Murray says he's currently broke and can't settle a lawsuit in any way because his insurance company refuses to cover him. He also says he won't sit for a court deposition until after his criminal case runs its course.

Murray faces involuntary manslaughter charges in MJ's death. Being deposed as part of a civil lawsuit would violate his Fifth Amendment privileges.

Nevertheless, Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, says he's prepared to take the depositions of "more than 60 people" who have info regarding MJ's death.

As for the absurd, impossible sum he's suing for, Joe said in an interview with GOOM Radio: "The more you go, the less you get ... so I went high."

Makes perfect sense.

Murray is looking to quash Joe's lawsuit altogether, dismissing his claims as "pure hearsay" and utter nonsense. We'll see if he's successful there.

His criminal defense is likely to be that Michael killed himself with Propofol while Murray had left the room. That trial will likely begin next year.


why was michael the only one supporting him what about the other family members.he was supporting himself his 3 children his mom and wonder michael had cash problems,with all them dam mouths to u michael rest in peace!!! LOVE U MORE..


Joe Jackson is a joke.Dr.Murray is a high-ranking Mason.


You can not place a dollar amount on the loss of a loved one. By all indications in this case, MJ and his father were not sharing a loving father/son relationship. I could share a few harsh words about Conrad Murray,but it would not change the fact that Michael is no longer with us. For JJ to continue to use Michael's name for financial gain by filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit only indicates the greed that has always been a driving force in his relationship with his son. Even after Michael died,JJ was out promoting his latest venture instead of sharing the memory of Michael that had been dedicated to him at an awards show. It is at his own discrection about filing a wrongful death lawsuit,but it does not make up for the insecurity
that Michael dealt with in his love-less relationship with JJ.

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