Joe Finley: Someone Killed My Wife!

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Two days after his wife was found dead, an America's Got Talent contestant named Joe Finley has made a public plea: Someone killed her!

Laura Finley was found dead in a stairwell at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on early Saturday morning. She was in town because Joe wanted to audition for the NBC competition.

Considered a person of interest, Joe was actually arrested for drug possession the day Laura died. He's admitted both he and his wife were on ecstasy the night she was found and that he last saw Laura alive around 3 a.m. on Saturday.

Her body was discovered five and a half hours later.

"Somebody threw her off that railing," Joe told TMZ today, adding that Laura's death was "100% not an accident" and, of course, that he did not kill her.

Joe says he awoke early Saturday morning and his wife was missing. He then asked the hotel to page her over the public address system - and then left for his audition around 2 p.m. Cops stopped him on the way, showed him a picture of his wife's injured face and then took him into questioning.

After a few hours, the police released him and Joe still went to the audition, despite admitting that he thought his wife was dead.

We'll have more on this story as news breaks.


i dont understand. how was there a video? was there a camera in their room?


My deepest sympathies go out to Joe Finley and his family and to his wife's parents especially... I assume that M. Sebelist is closely related by the comment and I can picture those events which follow Joe's testemony accordingly. Being a musician myself I'm not sure how I would have reacted in his shoes - music being that tranquil place where I go to escape life at times I can see where that would be not only a release but a tribute to someone I cared very much for as well. A heartfelt way to say "Good-bye" undoubtedly although I doubt that I could have pulled it off under those conditions at all. In my opinion - if you have spent 27 years supporting your soulmate's dreams as she obviously has, there is a bond or she wouldn't have been there to begin with and he didn't strike me as the devious, self-indulgent type who would claw his way to the top if need be! May God be with you, Joe! For all it's worth... I believe you, man!


To Maryann Sebelist, I am very sorry for your loss. Be strong. Blessings.


this is intented for maryann m.sebelist's comment.
i am one of joe's uncles from phila.i heard the news tuesday from my brother.i never meet laura,but spoke to her on the phone.
this is very very sad news for both sides of the family.laura was the love of joe's life.if you wish to contact me.please do

@ rich finley

I have some great information for Joe if u can have him please call me that would be awesome I worked at that hotel 3107220052


sadness where this event should of been filled with happiness. im so sorry for your loss.

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