Jionni LaValle: Snooki Boyfriend of the Month!

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Guess we know why Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shot down rumors of her own reality dating show. She doesn't need one. Meet Jionni LaValle!

LaValle joined Snook at New York City's Butter last month, but it wasn't until recently that things got serious. They've been together a long time ... weeks.

Taking her romance public at a weekend club gig, the orange reality star Twittered that LaValle has already gotten tight with the other man in her life: dad.

Sober Snooki

Jionni LaValle is a lucky, lucky man.

"My dad and boo are bonding," Polizzi, who recently split with Jeff Miranda, posted as the trio drove to the appearance. "Oh just another 3 hours of this."

Insiders say Jionni LaValle is a refreshing change from prior Snooki beaus, including Miranda that fame whore Emilio Masella. That's gotta be nice for her.

"Jionni is great. He is so quiet and isn't trying to be in the spotlight," says a friend, although because he's different, "She wasn't sure about him at first."

"She kept asking her friends what they thought of him. She was hesitant because he isn't the typical gorilla." Guess sometimes less is more with 'roids.


I love you Nicole Snooki and Jiooni Lorenzo Lavalle baby boy


Snookie WE ALL LOVE YA THE WAY YOU WERE SO PLEASE DONT CHANGE AFTER YOU HAVE THIS BABY AND YOU MARRY JIONNI because if you dont stay on Jersey Shore then it WONT be the same so PLEASE SNOKKIE DONT LEAVE JERSY SHORE im a big fan of Jersey Shore and i want you on there still


I watch the show & I love Snooki! It seems she is trying way to hard to please this guy. He knew what he was jumping into when she took him to the Jersey House & couldn't even remember his name. Now he is so interested in changing her. I like her the way she is. She should not be expected to act any different just because he is shy. LOVE YOU SNOOKI ! DON'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE!! YOU'RE GREAT!!


Hello: She is naturally tanned! She is not a ghost. She is a Latina.


she uses spray tan....


I agree w/ Junior...


This girl may be the next poster child for cancer. I am concerned that she is getting way too much sun, especially on her face. I know her career is important to her and bieng ultra tanned is part of her image but it's not worth the health risks. Somebody needs to do an intervention. (An alcohol intervention is also needed with the whole cast of Jersey Shore.)

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