Jessica Simpson Pregnant? Tabloid Claims So ...

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Jessica Simpson might be pregnant.

That's the brilliant deduction of the National Enquirer, after one of the star’s friends came to them  and told them Simpson and her BF are about to become parents.

"Jessica is crazy in love with [Eric Johnson], so they’ve decided to make a baby. She always said she wanted to be pregnant by the time she was 30," said this pal.

Jessica Simpson: Pregnant Photo?

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant? Or just gaining weight again?

The compelling testimony continues: "Her priorities have changed. All she can think of is motherhood. She’s happily eating for two and not the least embarrassed.”

Simpson’s pregnancy would certainly explain her putting on some weight in the last couple of months, however she's been through that cycle naturally in the past.

Still, another friend said: "A pregnancy explains her sudden weight gain. Two months ago, she bragged she was in the best shape of her life on Eric’s vegan diet."

Coincidence? The friend also notes that "the biggest tipoff is that Jess has been hinting to friends that there will be some big news any day from her and Eric.”

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, a former NFL player, have been dating since May, and recently, the couple went to Italy to celebrate Jessica’s 30th birthday.

They seem to spend a lot of their time together and give the impression of a healthy and happy relationship. She gushes about him at every opportunity.

Then, at the beginning of this month, Simpson vomited during a show, which led everyone to the conclusion that rumors about her pregnancy might be true.

A few days ago she stated that she is eager to start a family with her boyfriend Eric and would want to give birth to a baby. Could it be happening next year?

We doubt it, highly. But it makes for fun speculation.

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She is beautiful! She has done very well in life. She will be a wonderful mother!


I saw her judging on "Project Runway", and I would have sworn that she had eaten someone, and given the fact that I have never seen "Eric", I definitely think someone should look into this situation, as I am concerned for his well-being.