Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: No Fist-Pumps Here

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Those hoping for major fireworks or knock-down, drag-out brawls on the Jersey Shore Season 2 reunion special last night came away sorely disappointed.

On some reality shows, the reunion special is the best part. It's when Teresa Giudice flips tables and labels Danielle Staub a prostitution whores. Not here.

These people are all flirting with prostitution whore status, too. Anyway, here's THG's usual +/- recap of last night. Aww yeah, reunion show recap YEAH!!

Ronnie and JWoww

There's no love lost between Ron and JWoww after The Note.

One could argue this show is depressing, and that its cast is a bunch of losers who reflect badly on our society. Or one could say It's T-shirt tiiiiiime!! Plus 7.

Could host Julissa Bermudez be more robotic? They should have gotten Angelina Pivarnick to host without the cast knowing. We'd pay to see that. Minus 5.

Speaking of Ange, Ronnie had one of the best Jersey Shore quotes last night: "How could you not smush if you get Fossil watch? And it was white!" Plus 9.

With a few exceptions, we basically got a clip show of Season 2 debauchery, with surprisingly little in the way of original fireworks. In a word, eh. Minus 8.

Sitch to Sam: "Regardless of who wrote the note, who didn't write it, who told you in person, the only person you could possibly be mad at was Ron." Plus 4.

Sitch to Ron: "Do you love that girl? Then you should be thanking me, because I'm the only one who goes up and talks to her when she's crying." Plus 4.

Yeah, Ronnie and Sammi are still together. Minus 13.

Vinny G
Paul D

Vinny and Pauly put the VP in MVP. Or just VP.

Vinny and Pauly D seem somewhat genuine, despite their flaws. The other idiots seem like HGH-fueled caricatures of themselves at this point. Minus 10.

Ron claimed J-Woww offered to hook up with him if Sammi hooked up with Sitch. JWoww responded: "I'd rather just f--k Pauly." We can see that. Plus 5.

When footage played of Sitch's attempted robbery, Vinny declared: "It might be MVP to him, but it's VP to me." Ooooh, that's gotta burn, Sitch. Plus 4.

Number of times The Situation said situation? We have no idea, we lost count, since we were taking a shot each time. But it's awesomely high. Plus 6.

Deleted scenes: Snooki farts a lot, etc. Zzz. Minus 3.

Until Season Three of Jersey Shore begins ...



yea i love snookie and jenni .....pauly is so hot mikes ok and vinny's a sweetheart ...sammi and ronnie make the show flop sumtimes all they care about r themselves....ronnies a whore and sams a dumb ass for staying with him ...she literally had no reason to get mad at anybody but ronnie...angelina is severely sloppy..cant stand her ass...or no


I love that show to its the definition of REAL... I swear!!! It cant get any "realer" than Jersey Shore!!!! I hope there will be plenty of seasons to come... They show what reality tv is worth and they arent mean and terrible to one another as much as the other reality home living shows and if they do they handle it like "real" people in REAL sititiouns... Not some fake put together bullshit thats rehearsed and redone.. there new and improved for the realest.. Im real so i love that shit!


People actually commented with something positive. I love it! There are too many haters in the world and I am not one. Live and let live I say! I love the show and like to watch the stupidity that goes on. Pauly and Vinny seem very real and Snooki too. Jwoww... I don't know. She seemed... hmm... when Snooki said she wanted to put the note behind them and just talk to Sam, Jenn, not so much. Oh well. Let season 3 begin!


I love Jersey Shore. Everyone on it makes it so addicting! Can't wait for season 3! Love them all, I laughed so hard on some episodes that I almost peed my pants! & when I was laughin my 5 month old started crying- my laugh is scary!

Frances bueno khawly

In Jersey Shore Vinny & Pauly D are the real "GUYS" in the SHOW!!

Frances bueno khawly

"Snooki" is the BEST in Jersey Shore!! Let's hope for season #3!!!!

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